|Thursday, May 6, 2021
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Fire brigade to the rescue as boy, 2, gets head stuck in hotel balcony! 

This is one holiday a two-year-old youngster and his anxious family won’t forget in a hurry after he got his HEAD stuck through a hotel balcony!

The boy had to be released by the fire brigade who were called out when no-one else could free him from his unusual predicament.They had to cut a small piece of the iron railing with hydraulic equipment while the youngster’s family kept him calm.Their nationality hasn’t been revealed but pictures published by the fire brigade on their social network site shows a Union Jack flying outside.

The emergency happened at an hotel in the Muchamiel district of Alicante on Sunday morning. The two-year-old managed to get his head through the heart-shaped iron bars of the balcony but found himself wedged tight when he tried to back out.The fire brigade photos show one crew member trying to prize his head free but with no success. A multi-purpose electric hydraulic cutter was used instead.The firefighters later tweeted: “We released a two-year-old boy who got his head trapped in the iron railing in a hotel room.”Despit the alarming ordeal, the boy was not injured and, as  social network users pointed out, will always have special memories of his stay in Spain.”That will be a holiday he will remember forever!” said one tweet.