|Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Canary Islands rejoice as Germany lifts its travel ban for 25 million tourists 

The Canary Islands are celebrating winning back their second biggest holiday market as Germany lifts travel restrictions and the UK could be next.

The German Federal Foreign Office announced today that it will eliminate the Canary Islands from the list of areas of international risk due to COVID-19 from 00:00 on Saturday, October 24th.President, Ángel Víctor Torres described it as “very good news that Germany has removed the Canary Islands from its list of non-recommended destinations” for travel.

“This is magnificent news for the economy and tourism of the archipelago,” he said. “It is true that Germany now has higher rates, but since August, when we met with the CEO of TUI, he told us that surely they could get us out of non-recommended destinations and we got to work immediately .

“Ángel Víctor Torres stressed that “we did what we had to do”. In the first place, he pointed out, “to take drastic measures to defend the health and sanitation of our citizens and not to collapse our hospitals, while at the same time setting a time horizon: that of achieving between the month of September and early October to place ourselves below 50 cases in cumulative incidence over seven days.

“The Canary president  highlighted the favourable epidemiological situation of the islands “which is not only good news for the Canaries but has also been recognised by Germany, which has already placed us on its green list.”Mr. Torres said he “hopes this will bring about an increase in the arrival of Germans to the Canary Islands and also encourage other countries to take the same measure” due to the favourable evolution of the pandemic in the islands.”The Government of the Canary Islands has been working intensely since the last weeks and in these last days with absolute urgency to be able to have a legislative change that allows maximum security for those who come and go from the Canary Islands. We believe that we will be able to complete this work shortly, ” he said.The announcement of the German Government comes at a decisive moment for tourism in the Canary Islands as the high season starts on November 1st.Germany is its second largest customer of the Canary Islands after the United Kingdom.When Germany decided to impose a quarantine on whoever returned from the Canary Islands, the islands had a cumulative incidence in 14 days of 167.78 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, eight times higher than that of the German country on that same date (19.6 cases per 100,000) .The decision was a blow to the tourism sector which is being badly hit by the UK’s quarantine decision.Of the 13.1 million foreign tourists who visited the Canary Islands last year, more than half came from just two countries: 4.87 million from the United Kingdom (37.2% of the total) and 2.51 million from Germany ( 19.1%).The Canary Islands have already agreed new travel rules when Brits are allowed to return which include coronavirus tests at source if needed and before they return.