|Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Canary Islands demand safe air corridor for Brits before November 1st to save winter season 

Tourism leaders in the Canary Islands are demanding the immediate return of British holidaymakers and say coronavirus tests at the airports are imperative by November 1st.

They say Spain and the Canary government “cannot waste one more minute” and want safe corridors opened up with the UK and Germany as a matter of urgency.

They also want the Canary government to take control over organising coronavirus tests on arrival and departure to rule out any delays with the airport authority, AENA.The Spanish government this week claimed AENA was refusing to allow the tests within the airport which meant they might have to be carried out under tents in the car-parks or when the holidaymakers got to their hotels.

Tourist employers in the Canary Islands say the airport authority has since promised its full co-operation but with the winter season due to begin on November 1st, they ae pressing for immediate action and want safe air routes set up before the end of October.”After the almost complete loss of the summer season in the archipelago, the Canary Islands now have a second chance to be the only winter tourist destination in Europe and to try to build their main industry: tourism,” said a spokesman. “The winter season is fundamental for the sector and there are barely two weeks left until its official entry, on November 1st.

“The tourism leaders say the coronavirus tests should be carried out at the airport as this is the most appropriate sector. But they want the Canary government to “take the reins of the implementation of the operations necessary to carry out tests on travellers from risk areas upon arrival and departure from Canary Islands’ airports .” “Collaboration between all public and private agents involved in tourism development is more than urgent to overcome this situation as soon as possible,” the say.