|Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Woman arrested for failing to quarantine in Tenerife 

National Police have located a 26-year-old woman of Peruvian nationality, asymptomatic positive for Covid 19, who refused to quarantine in the Canaries.A friend of the woman said she had travelled from Gran Canaria to Tenerife without waiting for the result of a coronavirus test.

After arriving in Tenerife, she was told by the Canary Health Service that she was positive for Covid 19 and that she should be quarantined for it.But according to her friend, she said she had no symptoms and didn’t intend to do so. An argument followed in the apartment they shared in Santa Cruz and the woman checked into a hostel. 

Once found there, she was transferred, together with the woman with whom she was in the room, to a hospital centre by ambulance and specialised health technicians on the order of a court.Trackers are now trying to trace everyone she has been in contact with.The woman now faces fines for a serious breach of health measures.