|Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Tourist resort on Mallorca dishes out £100 fines for throwing PAPER PLANES on to the streets! 

A popular tourist resort on Mallorca is raising eyebrows after revealing that it has fined people for throwing PAPER planes out of the window!

The local council in Llucmajor, one of the
island’s biggest municaplities, says it makes no apology for catching the
culprits as it wants to keep the area as clean as possible and free from

But residents say they are astounded, claiming
the authority has gone too far with its environmentally-friendly measures.

“Seeing a paper aeroplane fluttering out
of a window always used to make me smile,” said one.

“Is this a JOKE?” asked another.

Llucmajor council has just revealed its £100
fines for “throwing litter” in the form of a paper aeroplane in its
annual report on sanctions for behaviour not considered civic.

In total during 2020 so far, the authority has
dished out more than 10,000 euros in sanctions for the uncontrolled dumping of
waste, polluting elements or for depositing objects outside the

The fine for throwing the paper aeroplanes is
120 euros.

Earlier this year, Llucmajor introduced a
major change to its refuse collection service, doing away with communal bins
and going dooor to door instead. This, said local council leaders, did lead to
more rubbish on the streets.

Other fines included 700 euros for emptying
swimming pool water onto the road, 150 euros for dumping prunings and 350 euros
for depositing a bag of manure.

Councillor for urban maintenance, Pilar Bonet
said: “It is unfortunate the lack of civility of certain people who with
their actions damage the good coexistence between neighbours and also favour a
bad image of the municipality.”

Residents have taken to the social network to
express their surprise about the paper planes.

“I fully agree to punish those who are
not civic and throw garbage where it shouldn’t be but paper airplanes? Has this
been done by someone who is bored and has nothing else to do?” tweeted one
incensed householder.

The council’s official report confirmed the
120 euro fines for ” launching paper planes from home on public

The authority has urged people to dump their
rubbish in the right way, adding: “We take all appropriate steps to
provide citizens with the proper disposal of their waste and garbage, just
follow the rules.”