|Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Education leaders in Canaries oppose return of schools on September 15th 

The Canarian educational community says it considers it  “impossible” to start face-to-face classes on September 15th in the archipelago.

In a joint statement, teachers’ unions and representatives of families and students from the islands advocate a delay in returning to classrooms. “We honestly find it impossible that all centres can have their contingency plan before September 15th,” they say. Representatives held a meeting on Monday with the Minister of Education, Manuela Armas when she was told: “With little time for a more in-depth study, doubts continue to be greater that the certainties about the guarantees required by teachers, non-teaching personnel, families and students to have safe educational centres from the beginning of face-to-face classes.

“In addition, they criticise that “the Ministry seems to renounce the reduction of ratios and therefore the increase in staff, claiming that there are not enough or adequate spaces for this purpose in the different municipalities, but many city councils admit that they have not been consulted.” Teacher unions and AMPA demand “that the ratios be a maximum of 15 students per classroom in Early Childhood Education, 18 in Primary Education, 20 in ESO and 23 in Baccalaureate, and the same proportion according to the cases in FP and other education”.Likewise, they demand that the minimum safety distance of one and a half metress be respected at all levels and that temperatures are taken on arrival at the gates, during the school day and at the end of classes. They also want several accesses in the educational centres to avoid crowds both at the entrance and the exit and that PCR is carried out at least on personnel who have been declared as especially sensitive to the coronavirus.The statement is signed by the unions ANPE, STEC, CC OO, UGT and Insucan, the families united in Confapa Canarias, Fapa Galdós, Fitapa and Fapa La Palma and the students of Udeca. The Canary government is due to make a decision about a return to school on September 15th on September 10th.