|Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Brits visiting Canaries could take breathalyzer-type coronavirus test at airports with two-minute results 

Brits visiting the Canary Islands may be asked to take a breathalyzer-type coronavirus test which would give a result in TWO minutes.

Tenerife is one of the islands tipped to
“open up” to UK tourists within the next few weeks as the regional
government waits to hear what criteria will be needed to lift the British
government’s 14-day quarantine rule. The other islands, including Lanzarote and
Gran Canaria, would follow once their coronavirus outbreak figures decrease.

The Canary government has been told that the
tourism ministers from the EU will announce new guidelines on how safe travel
corridors can be created on September 28th.

President of the Canaries, Ángel Víctor Torres
said this was very good news as the high season for the islands begins in
October due to the good all-year round weather.

The authorities and hoteliers have already
said they will help pay for coronavirus tests and the search is now on for the
best method.

Several test options are being considered for
tourists entering and leaving the islands. The fastest on the market gives a
result in just two minutes and costs 15 euros.  It works as a kind of
hand-held breathalyzer and tests the exhaled air.

The other option is the rapid detection PCR
which costs 30 euros and the resolution time is one hour. 

The Canary government says the tests must be
done at airports, which are the responsibility of the State, since other
alternatives such as doing it abroad have logistics and costs that make it
difficult. The Canary Islands also want all passengers to be included and not
just foreign tourists.

Mr. Torres stressed the need to “bend the
curve of coronavirus” in the Canary Islands so that reactivation plans are
possible and avoid ” social bankruptcy”.

And Tenerife’s president, Pedro Martín (PSOE)
warned “time is running out” and that “in a matter of weeks we
must make decisions and reach an agreement with the United Kingdom, which is
the main client for the island of Tenerife.”