|Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Canary Islands tell five million Brits: “Don’t cancel your summer or winter holidays” 

Tourism chiefs in the Canary Islands are urging Brits NOT to cancel their summer or winter holidays, saying there is “still time” for the UK’s 14-day quarantine rule to be lifted.

The British market was just starting to
recover after Spain’s State of Emergency was lifted on June 21st but was then
interrupted on July 26th by Boris Johnson’s “unfair” restriction, the
regional government claims.

Tourism minister for the Canaries, Yaiza
Castilla confirmed negotiations were in progress to “reverse this
decision” but they wanted to appeal direct to the Brits to “not
forget us”.

The UK is the biggest market for the Canary
Islands, which include Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote. In 2019, the
islands welcomed 4,939,404 British tourists , which represents 32.7% of the
total number of holidaymakers. This produced last year an income of 4,760
million of euros.

Launching a new promotion under the slogan
“No quarantine can overcome the love that millions of Britons feel for the
islands. We are only postponing our next appointment ”, Yaiza Castilla said:
“It is an offensive campaign at a time when we are unfairly suffering a
new setback in our tourist activity, due to the decision of the British
Government to demand quarantine of its citizens when they return of Spain, without
distinguishing regions and even more so when not only is our epidemiological
rate very low, but we are also an outermost region far from the continent for
more than 2,000 kilometres.”

And she added: “Although the negotiations
to reverse this decision are carried out between states, Canary Islands Tourism
continues to work so that the consequences of a measure such as this are the
least harmful possible.”

Messages and videos are being posted on the
social network, specifically Facebook and Instagram.

“The islands are a safe and prepared
destination to return to normality, complying with all health protocols that
have even been verified by the World Tourism Organisation.,” Yaiza
Castilla insisted.