|Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Adeje opens an office to help those without a digital cert claim the IMV, the basic minimum wage 

The office is in the ‘Escuela de Convivencia’ in Las Nieves, and you will need an appointment

The Adeje council will, from Monday August 24th,
offer a service to help those on the Adeje padrón (borough resident register)
to apply for the ‘Ingreso Mínimo Vital’ or the basic minimum wage, in
particular those who do not have a digital certificate or online key.  The
service will be on offer in the ‘Escuela de Convivencia’, in Las Nieves,
appointments can be made online http://citaprevia.adeje.es/ or by phone 922 756200.  On the day
of the appointment you will need to bring originals and photocopies of your

The departments of Community Welfare and of Citizen Participation
have been working together to create this administrative service, although the
actual aid is awarded by a national body.  “It is very important that we
help our people contact other administrations, not everyone had a digital
certificate, or knows how to apply for aid.  The councils are the
administrative bodies closest to the people and at times like this we have to
be aware of who is having difficulty in accessing available aid”, said the
councillor for Community Welfare Mercedes Vargas Delgado.

María Calvijo Maza, councillor for Citizen Participation,
explained that they had decided to use the Escuela de Convivencia because other
council centres “are already at capacity under current Covid protocols. 
We looked for a centre where we could offer the service with an assurance of
security and where we could attend to people in as short a time as possible
once they have requested an appointment”.

To apply for assistance through the service, you must be on the
Adeje padrón.  To apply for the basic minimum wage you will have to meet
all the requirements as laid down by central government. These include the
requirement that you are between 23 and 65 years of age, are currently
economically vulnerable (your household costs are not covered by the money you
are earning), have been be permanently resident in Spain for at least a year
and are legally resident in the country (if you are a foreign resident). 

The basic minimum wage will range from €462 – €1015 per month
depending on the number of people living in the household.  When you use
the Adeje service remember to bring the documentation of all those living in
your household (passports in the case of foreign residents along with residency
papers) and you will need to present a certificate of your status on the Adeje
padrón (and one showing how many are in the house especially if you are
separated), the ‘Libro de Familia’ and any marriage documentation regarding
those living in the same household.   You will also be asked to sign
a declaration giving Adeje the right to access your tax information, etc, and
bring a copy of your bank account number.