|Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Spain’s hoteliers offer to PAY for British tourists to have coronavirus tests before they return to UK 

Spain’s devastated hoteliers have offered to PAY for all British holidaymakers to have coronavirus tests before they leave to go back to the UK.

They are pressing for urgent action to save
the country’s tourism following the British government’s decision to
reintroduce the 14-day quarantine rule.

“It’s only unfair but also totally
illogical and not very rigorous,” says the Spanish Confederation of
Hotels and Tourist Accommodations (CEHAT).

The hoteliers also fear that other countries
might take the same decision without really looking at the facts.

“We must ask that decisions be taken based
on objective criteria for the evolution of health security and hold reckless
measures accountable that can cause serious damage to tourism and, especially,
to hoteliers, who are complying with the most demanding protocols of all
Europe, ” said Jorge Marichal, CEHAT president.

The organisation says Europe needs to adopt a
uniformed approach to coronavirus and travel and that should involve testing
people before they leave their own country and testing them again before they
go home.

Tests both at origin and destination would show
co-operation and collaboration between the various countries and
“guarantee maximum safety for tourists,  workers and residents of
tourist areas”.

 “In this sense, Spanish hoteliers
take a step forward and offer to carry out the tests for foreign tourists when
they leave their accommodation in Spain, to offer greater security to customers
staying in Spanish establishments,” said Jorge Marichal.

Spain’s holiday hotspots, including the Costa
del Sol, Costa Blanca, Canary Islands and Balearics, have all expressed dismay
at the UK quarantine rule and say it will spell disaster for the destinations.

They all want “safe corridors”