|Friday, October 22, 2021
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Tenerife to become “an intelligent tourist destination” 

President of Tenerife Cabildo, Pedro Martín, has presented an economic-strategic plan for the reactivation of the sector that, with a total budget of more than 23 million euros, aims to “place the destination at the height of the circumstances.”

The insular institution has the endorsement of the University of La Laguna, SEGITTUR – an entity dependent on the Secretary of State for Tourism – and the Institute of Responsible Tourism, through the Biosphere seal of commitment to the objectives of sustainable development.The presentation, which was attended by members of the corporation, of Tenerife Tourism and representatives of the administrations involved, took place in the noble hall with a 5×3 metre LED screen where a progress of the promotional strategy was projected.Sr. Martín has expressed, in line with the “break” suffered by the sector due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that “in Tenerife we ​​have continued to work despite the fact that the activity has been paralysed. And to be up to the task and to be among the most valued destinations, we must have alliances like those of the entities that accompany us. “Island councillor for planning, José Gregorio Martín Plata, explained that, both from the area he directs and from the public company Turismo de Tenerife “serious, rigorous and professional work has been carried out  to which he added that “the destination is prepared, when sanitary circumstances allow it, to begin to receive tourists.”The CEO of Tenerife Tourism, David Pérez, explained that the axes on which the reactivation plan is based, valued at 11.5 million euros, are: direct sustainability (691,061 euros), digital transformation, tourist intelligence and research ( 307,700 euros), marketing, promotion and communication (8,648,481 euros), tourism economic promotion (885,914 euros) and transversal actions (612,929 euros). To this, 12 million euros adhere to the rehabilitation of the tourist space, included in the plan for social and economic activation in Tenerife. Both amounts add up to more than 23 million euros.President of the Institute for Responsible Tourism, the entity that grants the seal of commitment to the SDGs, Biosphere. Tomás Azcárate valued the island institution for its commitment to meeting the objectives of sustainable development and stated that “Tenerife is on the forefront of its application”.The president of SEGITTUR, an entity dependent on the Secretary of State for Tourism, Enrique Martínez, expressed through a telematic intervention that Tenerife will become an intelligent tourist destination with the application of a methodology based on a new management model, counting on the application of technology for the optimisation of resources, among other aspects “.