|Friday, January 22, 2021
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Spain will NOT quarantine British holidaymakers in U-turn announcement the night before EU borders reopen 

Spain will NOT quarantine Brits when they arrive on holiday, the government has confirmed.

Spanish Foreign Minister, Arancha Gonzalez Laya has confirmed this
evening that British tourists will be treated exactly the same as other
nationalities from EU countries. Just 40 minutes ago, she tweeted:

“From 21st June we open our
borders & lift quarentene measure for & Schengen área countries
including UK, with sanitary checks at the border. We urge everyone to striclty
follow health recommendations.”

Just a week ago, the same
Minister had told the BBC that Spain “might consider” imposing 14
days of quarantine for UK travellers in response to Britain’s own 14-day rule.

Technically, British tourists
would be allowed into Spain from tomorrow, June 21st, as the country’s State of
Emergency,  first imposed on March 14th, is being lifted as well as the
general quarantine rule.

There is still confusion,
however, about whether the UK is allowing Brits to travel abroad from tomorrow
because of its own coronavirus lockdown restrictions. The Foreign Office says
it is advising against travel unless vital.

Today, Tenerife confirmed a
Ryanair plane from Manchester will arrive at the south airport tomorrow
afternoon and there will be two further flights from Germany and Poland.

The Spanish press says the
Ryanair flight will carry “tourists” but this has not been verified,
though the airline has confirmed the flight. If any Brits are on board, they
could still be expats returning to the Canaries after being in the UK.

In the rest of the Canaries,  Gran
Canaria is expecting a flight from London and another from Frankfurt.

AENA says the number of international
connections will be almost negligible tomorrow, at least compared to what is
usual at this time. Around 650 flights are scheduled across the national
airport network, of which approximately half are arrivals. This time last year,
there were 6,000 operations.

A spokeswoman for Ryanair confirmed this
morning: “Although we are officially back with 1,000 daily flights from
July 1st (across the network), some routes are starting from June 21st.”

Yesterday, the Spanish airport authority said
holidaymakers coming into Spain from Sunday will have to pass three health
checks and there was no mention of any enforced quarantine for Brits.

The first control will be a document that the
traveller must fill in with information on their location during their trip and
whether or not they have had coronavirus.

The second and third will involve having their
temperature taken at the arrival airport and a visual inspection. If the
passenger fails one of the three checks, he or she will be seen by a doctor.

AENA has also tweeted that it is ready
and  prepared for EU borders to open on Sunday which coincides with the
end of Spain’s official State of Emergency imposed on March 14th and the entry
of the country into the so-called “new norm”.

The airport authority has also posted on its
site: “As of 0:00 hours on 21 June, end the restrictions on travellers
enterinh through the Spanish external borders and EU citizens will no longer
have to keep a quarantine period at their arrival. Entry will be denied until
further notice to third country citizens except for some exemptions.”