|Friday, October 22, 2021
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Safety is the key to tourism in the Canary Islands 

Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce for the Canaries, Yaiza Castilla, has announced that in the coming months, a total of 6.5 million euros will be invested in promoting tourism to the islands to counter the Covid-19 crisis. 

It is “the largest promotional investment in recent years and, possibly, in the history of the Ministry of Tourism” in such a short space of time, she said during her speech.As she explained, the objective of this investment, projected from this month until the end of the year, is “to promote campaigns and promotional actions in which the security attribute will be incorporated and with which we want to accelerate the recovery of the sector and strengthen, at the same time the image of the safe, trustworthy and responsible destination .”The councillor appeared in plenary session of the Canary Islands Parliament at the request of the Canarian Socialist Group to explain the plans for tourism promotion planned by the Government of the Canary Islands to alleviate the crisis caused by the pandemic.During her speech, she assured that “this year a special effort will be made to promote island and inter-island tourism, with an investment of 500,000 euros for the summer campaign, specifically double that of previous years”, which will take place in all types of media, including digital media and social media.At the same time, it will continue to promote tourism in the peninsular market, which will get 2.5 million euros in investment, which will mean 50% more in relation to the budget allocated to this market throughout the year.”This 2020, the peninsular market has to be very important again. Once air connectivity is recovered, national tourism takes the first steps in the return to tourist activity,” she said.For the first time this year, promotion in the national market includes the combination of digital media with television. “Given the exceptional nature of the moment, we want to have a presence in the television medium throughout Spain to capture the attention of the audience and to remember us preferentially when booking their holidays as a safe and attractive destination, ” said Yaiza Castilla.The launch of an international campaign is pending.Even so, the forecast of the Ministry is intended until the end of the year for an investment of three and a half million euros for international tourism promotion aimed at the end customer through Canary Islands Tourism.In her presentation, the Minister of Tourism said that from this crisis “we have learned three fundamental things: first, that without safety and without health there is no option for promoting tourism; second, that things can change in a radical way in a very short time and that the improbable, even the implausible, can happen; and the third thing that we have learned is the relevance of the Canary Islands is the international tourist scene is extraordinary .”According to data collected until May, the dissemination of this initiative has generated a total of 329 impacts in the media in Germany, Italy, Ireland and the United Kingdom. In addition, prestigious media such as The Telegraph or The Guardian have echoed the Canarias Fortaleza project. The value of these impacts has risen to date to 37,542,218 euros.As proof of this success, Yaiza Castilla recorded what in the last online meeting, held with the international press last week, participated in a total of 44 British and Irish media.