|Friday, October 22, 2021
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Liberty Seguros raises over € 6,000 for the Paralympic Youth Athletics Promises Team 

Due to the pandemic with mandatory social distancing rules and heightened security measures, Liberty Seguros found itself in an unprecedented situation with regard to this year’s Liberty Race. For the first time ever, its flagship event took place online and delighted in achieving its objective of championing diversity and integration through sport. Raising an outstanding € 6,333 for the Paralympic Youth Athletics Promises Team, the Liberty Race was once again hailed a resounding success.

year, the Liberty Race saw 3,000 individuals participate in the event with
nearly 1,000 users of social media sharing photos across networks and the
hashtag #MiCarreraLiberty experiencing an engagement of over 860,000 on Twitter
and Instagram alone.

Liberty Race advocates solidarity and unity whilst raising funds for young
athletes with promising potential at sports level who have not yet benefited
from the ADOP Plan. This programme is designed to assist elite sportspeople
with disabilities in Spain to prepare for the Paralympic Games. As with
previous years, funds raised through donations made by the participants of the
race will go to the athletes in the Paralympic Athletics Promises Team.

by Liberty Seguros, the Paralympic Athletics Promises Team comprises young
males and females from all over Spain between the ages of 12 and 20 that are
living with physical, visual, or intellectual challenges, such as those with
learning disabilities or debilitating conditions such as cerebral palsy.

raised through the Liberty Race help the athletes to enhance their level of
performance through technical training and specialised plans and assist with
financing their attendance at national and international competitions. Between
2012 and the present day, the Liberty Race has raised an impressive € 246,333
in total to support these young sportspeople.

Jofre, Managing Director of the Spanish Paralympic Committee, exclaimed: “This
very special edition of the Liberty Race once again demonstrated Liberty
Seguros’ enormous commitment to Paralympic Sport. In the difficult times that
we are currently living in, ensuring that this event could go ahead for another
year despite the circumstances is a testament to the fact that Liberty
continues to champion inclusion and supports people with disabilities to engage
in sport. It is a real honour to have a sponsor like this.”

Liberty’s Commitment to Paralympic Sport

Seguros champions the integration of those living with disabilities into
society through values that are embodied in sport: effort, the spirit of
competition, teamwork, and the desire to push on forwards. Since 2007, it has
continuously collaborated with the Spanish Paralympic Committee (CPE) in favour
of Paralympic Sport as means of uniting those living with challenges into the

its framework of collaboration, Liberty Seguros founded and supported ‘Liberty
Insurance Team of Paralympic Athletics Promises’. Since the year 2012, this
programme has nurtured young promising talent to develop sporting careers. It
has hosted events such as the popular Liberty Race and, since the year 2015,
has formed the biggest fan club of Paralympic Sport through its #SeSalen