|Thursday, August 5, 2021
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Canaries welcoming first holidaymakers today as new norm dawns 

Holidaymakers have been arriving for the first time in Spain, including Tenerife, today after the Spanish  government lifted EU border restrictions.

As of Sunday, June 21st, the country is no longer under
the State of Emergency although the “new norm” is far from normality
and each autonomous regions has put its own rules in place, including the
Canary Islands.

The big news for Brits is that they will not be put into
14 days quarantine by the Spanish government and are not being required to take
coronavirus tests before leaving the UK. The UK’s own rules are still open to
interpretation. Under the UK government’s own coronavirus lockdown
restrictions, people are being advised, but only advised, not to travel and on
their return, they are supposed to self isolate for 14 days.

Holidaymakers arriving today in Spain included a number
of Brits who were either visiting relatives for the first time in months,
already had flights booked which were not cancelled or were returning to their
second homes in Spain.

There has not been a 
massive influx but the Canaries, including Tenerife, have seen flights
arriving from the UK. Travellers have to fill in personal detail forms and go
through a temperature check and a visual inspection. If they fail either, they
have to see a doctor at the airport.

Arrivals are expected to speed up as June turns into July
and UK travel arrangements become clearer.

There are hotels open but a considerable number are
waiting until there are more reservations.

In these terms, Tenerife and the rest of the Canaries are
“lucky” as the good weather lasts all year round and the high season
only begins in October as opposed to other parts of Spain and the Balearics
which have a summer season before the weather cools.