|Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Cabildo issues urgent alert over rule-breaking at Mount Teide 

Tenerife Cabildo is tightening up controls on natural areas due to non-compliance.​​

Natural environment and security councillor, Isabel García said this decision follows behavior last weekend when people visiting Mount Teide broke the coronavirus rules.Various images were posted on the social networks showing crowds at the beauty spot and security tapes broken.The Cabildo has pointed out that in the current phase 2 state, access to natural parks is limited, according to the BOE, to 20% of their capacity, therefore, the parking lots located in them are marked out and their reduced capacity, and access to them, elimination of protection barriers or beacon tapes are actions that will be denounced and will be penalised by the competent authorities.The councillor warned that “we have given the population a margin of confidence, which they have broken, just like the seals, this weekend. They have to understand that the rules for access to natural spaces, in our case including a National Park, are dictated by the Ministry of Health in this phase, like the rest of those established in the de-escalation phases, and that if they are not complied with, the State security forces and bodies will be mobilised.””Last weekend, there has been a situation of true invasion into the natural spaces of the island, and a great lack of social and environmental awareness, evidencing cases of cars parked outside the places intended for this purpose, elimination of signs, among others.””Nature has had two scarce months to recover a little and it is time, taking advantage of tourist zero and de-escalation, to portray ourselves and demonstrate that we truly have ecological and environmental awareness and that not only It is a pose in the networks, so I ask, with the campaign that we are going to do, that they commit themselves so that the rules are respected. “In this regard, and as established by the BOE, activities may be carried out in the natural environment, but always with the limit of 20 people per group and movement by vehicle from any point on the island to the access point of the activity is allowed, always respecting the maximum quota of 20% occupancy.