|Thursday, January 28, 2021
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Arona warning over San Juan bonfires 

Arona has suspended the bonfires of San Juan to avoid crowds.The council announced weeks ago the suspension of all recreational and leisure events until, at least, the month of October, a decision that also affects the bonfires of San Juan, which may not be held on beaches and other public spaces of the municipality.

In case of making them in private spaces, authorisation must be requested from the corporation itself.The objective is to avoid large crowds of people that could jeopardise their health security and generate new Covid-19 infections. The bonfires of San Juan usually take place on the night of the June 23-24.Security councillor Francisco Marichal said a special device will be carried out to prevent bonfires from being carried out on the beaches and in other public spaces. “At this time it is more necessary than ever to act responsibly,” he said. “The efforts we make today will pay off in the months to come. We must continue to prioritise health safety and it is essential to have the collaboration of all the residents to comply with these indications.”