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Adeje is inviting RENEWALS in sports sessions, art and English classes 

Registered users will receive an SMS in the coming days offering an appointment for renewal times

The Adeje sports department, under Councillor Adolfo Alonso
Ferrera, has announced that the offices will be open for RENEWALS for sports,
and for art and English classes from this Thursday, June 18th. Those
already registered as users will receive an SMS offering an appointment to
attend at the Las Torres sports centre to renew their registration for the
2020-21 season.  (Those wishing to register for the first time will be
given a date to do so later)

Appointments are being organised in groups relating to last
year’s activities, and you can only renew registration via a prior
appointment.  The offices hours are Monday – Friday 9.30am to 2.30pm and
4pm – 8pm.  

The councillor stated, “to all those who are preparing to renew
their membership/courses registration, we remind you that you can use the quota
paid for the second half of the previous season towards paying for this year –
and if you are not renewing you can ask for your money back – check in the
sports office”.

People with further questions or who need to confirm their
status can phone 922 756200 (Ext 6009 – 6012).

The forms for reclaiming money paid for the second quota last
year, and that for arranging direct debits can be downloaded – https://www.adeje.es/deporte/campana-deportiva

Among the sporting activities open to Adeje residents are dance,
basketball, boxing, football, rhythmic gymnastics, judo, karate, tennis,
Pilates, volleyball, yoga, and many more.  There are also courses in art,
English, massage, wellbeing techniques, which will also be open to the public

Prevention protocols

To carry out the 2020-2021 registration only one person from a
family unit may attend the centre, wearing a mask and gloves, and use their own
pen to fill in and sign any form.  You must attend alone.   The
entrance to the Las Torres pavilion is now by the parking zone.  Please
observe the queuing system, with the recommended separation between you and
other members of the public, and the centre’s workers, to ensure everyone’s
safety and comfort.

It is essential that you disinfect your hands before you enter
the centre, and when it is your turn, use the gel that is provided for the
public at the door of the centre.  Follow the instructions of the
personnel at all times.

Once inside the centre and when you have completed the forms,
you can, observing your turn, hand in your paperwork.  

Exit using the main doors of the centre, thus avoiding any