|Monday, July 6, 2020
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A new resource for residents 

Arona council has launched a new resource for residents: a virtual office, integrated into the website (www.arona.org) to request an ‘appointment’ to carry out all kinds of procedures in the Citizen Attention Service (SAC ). 

This resource, promoted by the modernisation department,
will guarantee that the 010 telephone is not saturated.

With the implementation of this prior appointment system,
users, after specifying what type of procedure they want to carry out, where
and at what time, will receive an email confirming the appointment.

“Any citizen can make a prior appointment request in the
new ‘virtual office’, integrated into the website of Arona council (www.arona.org), thus avoiding that citizens
have to contact the council at through 010, Citizen Attention Service
(SAC),” a spokesman explained. “This new digital resource, initiative
of the modernisation department, with the councillor Ruth Lorenzo at the
forefront, will mean an improvement for all the residents of the municipality
when it comes to managing their procedures Arona council.”

“Improve the service and attention for our residents.
That is the priority of the Arona council and its Citizen Attention Service, ”
says Ruth Lorenzo,. “The implementation of this prior appointment system
through the consistory website is one more step to guarantee that citizens are
attended to as soon as possible and with greater agility.”