|Friday, October 22, 2021
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Santa Cruz seeks 2021 Carnival poster 

Santa Cruz city council has announced the contest to choose the official poster for the Carnival of next year 2021. 

The rules can be checked on the web pages www
.carnavaldetenerife.com and www.fiestasdesantacruz.com

Due to the exceptional situation experienced by the Covid-19
crisis, the registration period for the contest will be announced in once the
State of Emergency is over.

Any person, artist or designer may participate in the
contest, individually or in teams. In addition, each contestant may only
present a single work with its corresponding motto or title. The theme is
‘Carnivals of the world’.

People who are interested in competing, will present the
duly completed registration along with their work, duly packed, in the General
Registry of the Autonomous 

Participants must submit a signed affidavit, indicating that
the work is original and unpublished, not having been presented in other
contests and that they do not suppose in whole or in part a copy or plagiarism
of their own published works or those of other artists. In case of using
images, they will have to have the corresponding use license. Any artistic
technique is allowed, be it digital work, watercolor, collage, oil, acrylic,
mixed, etc., with a minimum size of 30×50 centimetres. This year the novelty
that the proposals can be pictorial and digital techniques is included, unlike
previous years, when the contest only contemplated digital technique.

Once constituted, the jury will choose from among the works
presented the 10 best that, in their opinion, meet the artistic or plastic
quality, the advertising or informative efficacy of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife
carnival. Among those ten works previously selected by the Jury, the public
through electronic means (carnival website, social networks or similar) and by
secret vote will choose the winning poster, within the period established by
the Autonomous Organization of Parties and Activities Recreational.

The rules of the contest establish a single winner, with a
financial award of one thousand five hundred euros (€ 1,500). The awarded
poster will become the exclusive property of the Autonomous Organism of Parties
and Recreational Activities, which will use it in the way it deems appropriate
with mention of its author or authors.