|Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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New web page to explain commerce openings under phase one 

The Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce of the Government of the Canary Islands has compiled in a section of the official website of the Government of the Canary Islands all the information related to security and protection measures that must be applied by businesses and other points of sale from May 11th.

Tourism councillor Yaiza Castilla said:  “Many
businesses do not know how they have to act to adequately comply with the
regulations, so the Ministry has launched a campaign to clarify their possible
doubts about what prevention and protection measures should adopt and reinforce
the official information provided by the Secretary of State for Commerce. ”

The general director of Commerce and Consumption, David
Mille, explained that “all the available information has been sent and
shared with the representatives of the main sectorial associations, with the
aim that they could distribute it in sufficient time among its affiliates and
partners”, thus as with the CCOO and UGT union centres in the Canary Islands,
the provincial employers’ associations, such as the CEOE and the CCE.

Likewise, Sr. Mille recalled that in addition to providing
the information, “we have made ourselves available to answer questions about
the protocol to be followed and to send to the Scientific Advisory Committee of
the Government of the Canary Islands proposals or alternative measures, not
included so far, in order to that can be evaluated.”

Among the information that is available to the public, there
are two presentations that summarise the measures, both general and specific,
that the different businesses must adopt.

In general, they will be able to open all the shops of less
than 400 square metres of surface that are not located in shopping centres and
as long as they do not exceed 30% of their capacity.

Among the general security measures that must be applied are
cleaning and disinfecting the premises twice a day; maintain a safety distance
of two metres, or one metre, in the case of having a protection device, such as
partitions or face screens; prevent customers from touching the merchandise and
guarantee the treatment and / or disinfection of the returned products before
putting them back on sale.

For their part, users must respect the security measures
while queuing to be served outside the premises, put on a mask, in the event
that the business asks for it, and try to pay by mobile or card, instead of
with cash.

In addition to these general measures, the Secretary of
State for Commerce has established a series of specific recommendations for
each type of trade that are also included on the official website of the
Ministry of Tourism, Commerce and Industry of the Canary Islands Government.