|Friday, October 22, 2021
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Arona allocates four zones for federated surfers and water sports 

Arona council has established a protocol that guarantees the practice of surfing and other water sports in safe conditions during the coronavirus pandemic.

The authority has established four areas in Las Galletas,
Los Cristianos and Playa de las Américas for federated surfers.

This ensures compliance with the Order SND / 388/2020, of
May 3, published in the BOE, which allows those who are federated to
“freely access those natural spaces in which they must carry out their
sports activities, such as the sea, rivers or reservoirs, among others”.
The Order SND / 380/2020 of April 30, although it allows non-federated people
to practice sports, in no case authorises or regulates access to these areas.

The entry into force of phase 0 of de-escalation approved by
the State Government allows the practice of sports, including surfing, to
people who are federated, even if that entails access to natural spaces “
in which they must carry out their activity (…), such as the sea, rivers or
reservoirs, among others ”.

Aron council was one of those who, in compliance with Order
SND / 380/2020 of April 30, decided not to open its beaches to the general use
of sports practice since May 2, as indicated in the de-escalation plan of the
central government, which establishes that these spaces will not be open until
the so-called phase III.

These four zones and their respective uses are as follows:

Los Cristianos beach and Sailing School area. Areas suitable
for water sports, such as swimming, and sports such as sailing, windsurfing,
paddle SUP, etc. Time slots: from dawn until 10am for federated people over 14
years old. From 8pm to dusk for federated members over 14 years old.
Professionals, accredited by the Higher Sports Council or federations, must
justify training day and time.

Playa Honda, only in the areas of Fitenia and Right and Left
waves. Area for surfing, as well as spearfishing in the areas and days enabled
for it. Under the same previous conditions.

Las Galletas (area of ​​the Sailing School). Water sports
activity, such as swimming, and water sports, such as sailing, windsurfing or
paddle surfing. Time bands and age conditions are repeated.

Las Galletas (breakwater behind the pier). Surf activity.
Under the same conditions as other areas.

As for the rules of use, they are as follows:

Comply with the schedules and conditions established above.

You can only access the beach through the designated areas.

Only sports activity may be carried out.

The athletes will have to be duly accredited.

Public toilets and showers cannot be used

Avoid physical interrelation on the beach and its
surroundings, especially crowds.

Maintain a minimum interpersonal distance of two metres.

For sports activities, it is recommended to maintain a
distance of at least four meters in moderate winds and greater than this in strong

The prevention and hygiene measures against Covid-19
indicated by the health authorities must be complied with.