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Wingate School makes incredible gesture to parents during coronavirus crisis 

Wingate School in the south of Tenerife has launched a solidarity allowance after revealing how the school community is rallying round to give practical support during the coronavirus crisis.

Head Jonathan Green has written this explanatory letter to

Dear Parents

First I would like to thank you all for your
patience in allowing us to work out the maximum help we can give you and
calculate the exact figures. We are grateful you have given us the time to
analyse the situation in depth, and wait for feedback from the Government and
Examination board before calculating the maximum reduction we can possibly give
you to help you all through these difficult times.

At Wingate we have always considered
ourselves a large family, not only inside the classrooms but also in our
relations with parents, many of whom are ex-wingate pupils themselves. The
kindness shown by parents lucky enough not to be affected too much by this
situation, in offering to pay the fees upfront, is heartwarming, and shows that
this family ethos certainly works both ways. We have always said internally
that we are a centre of education first and a business last.

With the above in mind and after long and
careful consideration, we have come to realise that the reduction in school
fees should not solely reflect the difference in how the education is being
administered, it should be related to, and reflect, the difficulties most
parents are going to be facing over the next few months. We have therefore
dedicated over 360.000€ to a newly formed “solidarity allowance”
towards helping parents with the payment of their fees.

Therefore we are pleased to announce that we
are able to offer the following help to parents:

Discounts on Summer terms fees.
Solidarity Discount on Autumn 2020 term fee
Reincorporation plan for school leavers.
Deferred payment option of 100% of the school fees
Structured repayment scheme

After extensive analysis of the ongoing financial situation in Tenerife,
government subsidies and exam board rules, we have calculated the best possible
discount we are able to provide. This is taking into account the prediction of
the long term effects of this crisis and this discount distribution will allow
parents to save as much as possible, and at the same time allow Wingate School
to continue to give our highly acclaimed online education during the lockdown
and resume to normal classes as soon as it is over. They are as follows:

These discounts will be applicable to the WHOLE TERM regardless of when the
lock down ends and school resumes as normal. No additional school fees will
apply, even when we resume normal classes. (except for school leavers who then
enter into the Sixth Form)
Nursery : 70%
Reception and Y1 : 50%
Y2 – Y6 : 30%
Y7 – Y10 : 20%
Y11 (School leavers) : 90%
Y12 : 20%
Y13 (School leavers) : 90%

all students!

Solidarity discount for Autumn Term 2020.
We realise that, as it will be a long time before many parents will be able to get
back on their feet, we would also like to offer a 15% discount for all parents
for the Autumn 2020 term school fees. This will be for all children of all
years regardless of longevity at the school.

School leavers 90% off & Reincorporation
plan .
After long consultations by both Edexcel and Cambridge, we have been told that
final grades for this year will be based on predicted grades provided by the
school. These grades must be based on evidence gathered from assessments,
classwork and previous exam grades. Although there will be no actual exam it is
imperative that Yrs 11, 12 & 13 remain on task and focussed, providing
their teachers withwork they are asked to complete. The staff are already busy
behind the scenes carefully preparing each and every students file, compiling
all their documentation, assessing the work, collating the relevant materials
should the exam boards require the evidence to support a students predicted
grade. The grades given by the exam boards will be real, convalidated and accepted
by Universities and Colleges exactly as before. Both the examination boards and
the school will actually be doing more work than normal on the examination
process to ensure the integrity and credibility of the qualifications remain
Those students invited into Wingate Sixth Form, once lockdown is lifted, will
come back to school and start studying their A Level subjects. This will allow
students to catch up on missed work and give them massive head start to
obtaining the best grades. This will be charged on a pro-rata basis, depending
on the date we get back to school and will be a requirement for starting the A
Level course.

Deferred Payment and Structured repayment
At the same time, we are offering two repayment strategies: Parents who wish
can apply for a Deferred Payment of 100% of this terms fees until June and a
structured repayment scheme for all parents who request it. The second option
will allow parents to divide up the payments into monthly parts to be paid over
the following year. Please speak to Mrs Thompson directly to arrange this.
(Please request either of these options only if you really need it, as cashflow
is important to the smooth running of the school at this crucial time.)

This has been a difficult decision to make as
the long term survival of the school had to be taken into account. As well as
putting in place massive austerity measures for the next academic year, and
securing emergency loans, we have had to use the money we had set aside for the
new grass playing fields and classrooms for this summer, and we hope you will
all be patient for the arrival of these new facilities. The good news is that
as we have been continually investing heavily behind the scenes in new
infrastructure and top of the range school-wide WiFi, we are more than up to
date with our classroom technology and can slow down a year without any
reduction in quality of teaching. We have solar panels and LED’s in every
classroom, reducing our electricity consumption to almost zero. Our bathrooms
are fully modernised with instant hot running water. We can survive strict
austerity measures and continue to give the same top quality education we are
renowned for.

For all the parents who have paid the Summer terms fees up front
and have asked for no discount; we are extremely grateful for this offer,
however we feel it would be unfair to keep you to your word when we are
offering everyone else a discount: We ask, as a form of solidarity during this
time, if you could consider giving your consent for us to postpone the
applicable discount to a term next academic year (or till the final year your
child is at school). Anyone who also wants to pay this term in full and defer
the discount, can do so, as a discount when your child is higher up the school
will work in your favour :-). This will help us in our
immediate plans. Please let us know if you would like the discount to apply
Summer 2020 (now), or postpone to another term next academic year or your
child’s final term at school. Also if there are any parents who could pay the whole
academic year upfront; that would be very helpful. Remember: if any parents
decide to leave, we need to know numbers for next year so we can plan properly;
the final date to inform us is the 7th May if you wish to use your deposit
towards the fees.

If parents could pay their exam fees as soon
as possible, it would also help the school by covering this negative balance on
our accounts. Thanks!

Again, we are grateful that we have been
given the time to analyse the situation carefully, speak to all the relevant
people and formulate a range of discounts and payment plans that will help all
parents in the immediate and mid term future. We hope that these measures
mitigate somewhat the unfortunate circumstances we find ourselves in, and by
sticking together we can all grow as this crisis subsides.

Warm regards

Jonathan Green
Wingate School