|Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Sunday’s freedom for kids: rules explained 

The Spanish Government has set out the details of how, where and when children under the age of 14 can leave their homes as from Sunday, April 26th.

Children under 14 years old can take controlled walks,
accompanied by an adult for one hour a day, during a wide schedule to avoid
crowds (between 9am and 9pm) to a distance of one kilometre around their home
and without access to outdoor recreation areas for children or sports

The daily walk should be carried out at most in groups
formed by a responsible adult and up to three boys or girls. During the same,
social distancing with third parties of at least two metres must be maintained
and the recommended prevention and hygiene measures must be complied with.

The person accompanying the minors must be of legal age,
live in the same domicile as the boy or girl currently, or be a household
employee in charge of the minor. When the adult is a different person from the
parents, guardians, curators, foster parents or legal guardians,  they
must have prior authorisation from them.

Minors who have symptoms, are in home isolation due to a
diagnosis confirmed by COVID-19, or are in a home quarantine period because
they have been in contact with someone with symptoms or diagnosed with this
disease may not go out.

Regarding the boys and girls residing in child protection
centres, social support centers for people with disabilities or other similar
residential services, the autonomous communities will be able, in the exercise
of their powers in matters of protection and guardianship of minors, adopt the
necessary measures to adapt the application of the provisions thereof.