|Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Santa Cruz city council limits the daily circulation of taxis to 25% 

Santa Cruz city council has limited the circulation of taxis to 25 per cent of the original quota.

Demand in the sector has fallen drastically as a result of the coronavirus crisis and to guarantee its optimal operation, as explained by councilor for public services, José Ángel Martín, a decree has been signed with the aim that “the taxi service in the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is reduced to 25% of licences ”. With this new arrangement, stresses the councillor, “all licences can go out in four shifts throughout the week.”
“It was necessary to adjust the offer of the public taxi service to the new restrictions and the foreseeable minimum demand,” said Sr. Martin.
Specifically, a fleet of around 200 taxis a day may circulate through the streets of Santa Cruz ” to guarantee the movements that have been authorised and considered essential, especially for those people who, due to mobility or distance problems, require the use of a taxi to access their work or health centres or to go to buy food, pharmaceutical or other basic necessities. ”
Sr. Martín clarified that this modification of the timetable of stops does not affect taxis that offer service to people with reduced mobility (P.M.R.), which “will be able to continue their service every day of the week without interruption.”
The daily shift regime will begin to apply from 00:00 on March 31st starting with shift 1. The next day, shift 2 will enter service and so on until April 19th, and without prejudice to other measures that could be adopted according to the circumstances that are produced in relation to the management of the crisis.
According to the councillor, in order to guarantee continuity in the provision of the service, in the change of shift between licenses, “the incoming ones will be allowed to provide service half an hour before and the outgoing ones will do it half an hour later”.
According to the State of Alarm, the City Council had already agreed to reduce licences to 50%, alternating exits between even and odd, and, according to the mayor, the resolution to suspend 75% of the service each day is taken ” following the dynamics of other administrations and after studying the new mobility restriction decree ”.
Santa Cruz City Council is in constant contact with the taxi professionals in the city and has already delivered hygienic self-protection equipment, made up of gloves, cloths and disinfectants to improve both their safety conditions and those of the users and users of the service.