|Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Parents warned not to be irresponsible during easement walks 

Parents in Spain have been asked to be responsible and adhere to the self-distancing rules after children were let back on the streets on Sunday nearly six weeks after the coronavirus lockdown.

Whilst the majority appeared to be abiding by
the rules, the social networks have been flooded with pictures and videos of
families mixing with other people, boys and girls sitting next to each other on
sea walls, playing football in parks, huge crowds of people on promenades and
people stopping to chat on pavements, ALL barely inches apart.

Angry onlookers have accused parents of
putting more lives at risk on a day when Spain announced its death toll so far
of more than 23,000 victims of COVID-19.

The Spanish Government has warned parents that
children can now go out for one hour between 9am and 9pm provided they stray no
further than one kilometre from their home and are accompanied by one parent
and no more than two other children from the same household.

Some beaches can be visited if they are one
kilometre away and have been opened just for walks by the local authority but
sunbathing and swimming is strictly prohibited. 

Families are also advised to wear masks if
possible and NOT to go within 1.5 metres of other unconnected people.

The Spanish authorities say that generally
speaking, families respected the rules on this first day but the social
networks told another side to the story.

Twitter and Facebook were set alight with a
series of photos showing families clearly breaching the rules.

“Hypocrisy!” said one furious user.
“Thanks a lot. Irresponsible children in the street.”

Another wrote: “You have been complaining
for two months about the Government’s management in the face of the pandemic. Today,
April 26, when it finally opens its hand, you take the whole arm.”

And another posted: “Selfish and

Earlier, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez
had said: “The general rule of confinement will be maintained but we begin
to introduce small reliefs in the restrictions. The first is the departure of
children under the age of 14 from Sunday morning. They can go out once a day,
for an hour, accompanied by an adult and a kilometre around the house. And in
those outings it is very important to strictly follow the rules and the
protection and hygiene measures. Each family must behave with the utmost
responsibility, as has happened so far. If we act with caution and the
evolution continues to be positive, from May 2 outings will be allowed for
individual physical activity and walks with people with whom we live.”