|Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Man fined for taking his GOLDFISH out for a walk! 

Police in Spain were left speechless after stopping a man who was taking his GOLDFISH for a walk despite the coronavirus lockdown!

Over the last few weeks, the country’s State
of Emergency has seen lots of curfew dodgers, including a Spanish resident out
walking his goat, another who had a battery-operated toy dog on a lead and a
man who took his chicken out for a stroll! Several people have also dressed up
as dinosaurs to take their rubbish out.

Even so, officers were still astounded when
they stopped the man in the middle of the street carrying two goldfish in a
glass bowl.

The bizarre incident took place in La Rioja
where, like the rest of Spain, residents can only go out for one of a number of
reasons, including to do essential shopping, visit the bank or chemist or
travel to and from work. With effect from April 26th, parents can also go out
for an hour a day so their children can go for a walk or play.

Taking your goldfish out for a breath of fresh
air isn’t in the rules, however, and police were none too amused at the man in
a week where deaths from coronavirus in Spain surpassed the 23,000 mark.