|Friday, October 30, 2020
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Canaries report 119 dead from coronavirus and “counting rules adhered to” 

The death toll from coronavirus in the Canary Islands now stands at 119 but that is the correct figure, say health leaders.

The Spanish Government recently came under fire for what
appeared to be a mix-up in the statistics which was later explained away as a
“blip” in the way autonomous communities were reporting their

Canary president, Ángel Víctor Torres said they had always
strictly complied with the Ministry of Health’s directive from the offset.

As of Sunday, April 19th, the  number of accumulated
cases of coronavirus in the islands is 2,065, 18 more than in the last count on
Saturday, while the number of deaths remains at 119 and the number of
discharges is 789 to 813.

The number of discharges, 813, includes both hospital
patients and people who have not required hospitalisation and been in home

By islands, 81 people have died in Tenerife, while 33 have
died in Gran Canaria, 3 in La Palma and 2 in Lanzarote.

By islands, the one with the most accumulated positive cases
is Tenerife with 1,391; Gran Canaria follows with 500 cases; La Palma, 74
cases; Lanzarote, 68 cases; Fuerteventura, 24 cases; La Gomera, 7 cases and El
Hierro, 1 case.