|Friday, September 17, 2021
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Arona suspends all festivities throughout May, including Canary Day 

Arona has suspended all its festive activities planned for May due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The situation generated by the Covid-19 pandemic, or
coronavirus, added to the current State of Emergency, which makes it impossible
to achieve any organisational activity, has led Arona Council to maintain the
suspension of all recreational, cultural and entertainment and leisure events
during the next month of May, whatever the evolution of the decisions taken by
the State Government and even if there was a lifting of the current
order,” said a spokesman.

“This decision affects the acts of the area as a whole
and also those related to May 30th, Canary Day. In this sense, the corporation
and the party commissions of the different nuclei have agreed not to celebrate
the traditional festivities that take place in May, both because of the need
not to gather large numbers of people and because of the difficulties it
generates for the organisation of the festivities during the current paralysis
of activity.”

One of the festivities that will be affected is the one that
takes place in honour of Our Lady the Virgin of Fatima, at least in the part
that has to do with municipal events, and that brings together thousands of
people in Valle San Lorenzo. Both for public health and organisational reasons,
they will not be carried out, as the council has agreed with the aforementioned
festival committee.

Councillor of the Festivals and Health Promotion areas of
Arona, Pura Martín, explained that “we have agreed on these measures with the
members of the party commissions of the different nuclei, including the
organisation of the festivity of the Virgin of Fátima del Valle, and we fully
agree on the need to prioritise the health of the residents before any other
issue, in addition to verifying the impossibility of guaranteeing the
organisation in the current state of emergency.”