|Monday, December 6, 2021
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Terk is still looking for a home 

About six months ago, this beautiful young girl was brought to us at K9. We gave her the name Terk. When she arrived, she was about seven months old, so still very young. Terk didn’t have a great start in her short life so far, and was left at the police station in Granadilla. A gentleman named David saw her and brought her to K9. We did learn that she has been abused, so already we knew that she would need a lot of love and attention. We didn’t know a huge amount of what exactly happened but we just know that some damage was already done to her.

Terk is a very energetic, playful dog and sometimes this can be a bit much for other dogs and people. It is not Terk’s fault that she can be a bit overwhelming so we are looking for a calm, patient new owner for her to show her love, train with her on a one to one basis and help her to learn and focus on you. She does enjoy playing with other dogs, who like to play also but sometimes she can be a little rough for them. One of our volunteers likes to bring her to the local dog park where she can run around and play with other dogs.
She is currently sharing with two large male dogs and we have noticed that she can be territorial over her food, something she may have developed as a really young puppy and was never trained not to be. Her new owner must be willing to train her and spend time with her. If you enjoy long walks or even running, she would love to tag along with you and it would also help her burn up some of the energy she has. She is still very young so does need to be shown things step by step.
Being in the kennels is a very stressful place for Terk and she can get frustrated easily which can lead to unwanted behaviour. We put her in the large kennel across the road from the main kennels to give her space to run which does help, so ideally someone who has the space for her to be able to run a lot would be perfect. As we said, she likes to play with other dogs so another dog in the house could work and they could become the best of friends, thus helping Terk to learn more and more about dog behaviour. She really does need a second chance as she was neglected and abandoned through no fault of her own and has missed out of the important first few months of positive socia-lisation as a puppy. Can you help her? Can you show this beautiful girl that she can be loved? Please come and meet her at K9 any day between 9.30-1.30. It will take some time and training but she is a very sweet girl who is very misunderstood.