|Sunday, April 5, 2020
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Spanish mayor bans dog owners from walking more than 150ft 

A town in Majorca has banned dog owners from walking their pets any further than 150ft from their homes because “many are flouting the coronavirus rules”.

The Mayor of Sencelles, a region in the centre of the holiday island, says too many people are taking advantage of the “walking your dog” exception in Spain’s State of Emergency declaration which is in force until at least April 11h.
He has signed a decree saying dogs should only be walked in a distance of 50 metres from people’s homes. Straying outside these areas will lead to a disobedience fine.
The Mayor, Joan Carles Verd said: “As some people continue to abuse the rules, the following has been resolved: Reduce the distance to which the dog can take his needs to a maximum of 50m. In any case, the owner must bring a doggie bag and a small bottle of water with detergent It is essential that people stay in their homes. Failure to comply with these instructions will be punished.”
The Mayor claims many people are walking their dogs three or four times a day just as an excuse to get out whilst others walk long distances. The “walking your dog” exception under the State of Emergency, he points out, is not aimed at helping people but to allow dogs to do their business.
“What we need now is for people to stay in,” he says.
Dog owners, however, are far from happy about the new rule. They say it is not feasible and have asked for a rethink.
“If I can only walk 50 metres from my home, it means my dog will have to do his business on the pavement, making much more of a mess than if on grass. People are not going to be very impressed if my dog makes a mess outside their front door!” said one.
“My dog is not used to doing his needs in the street, much less in only 50 metres. We need a reasonable distance to let the dog stretch his legs and do his business,” said another.