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Santa Cruz Carnival through the eyes of 50 artists 

Sala L of the Centro de Arte La Recova in Santa Cruz is hosting a collective exhibition of paintings and sculptures whose common theme is the Carnival festivities.

The show , “El Carnaval Chicharrero”, brings together for the fifth consecutive year the works of numerous artists who have captured the various aspects of the most popular parties on the island, from characters, masks and costu-mes, to curious and fun situations that occur in the streets, not forgetting acts like the burial of the sardine.
The exhibition, which includes approximately 50 paintings made with different techniques, including water-colors, oils, acrylics and mix-ed media, stands out for its great colour and vivacity that convey the joy of the parties, making the viewer feel participant. On this occasion, two sculptures will also be exhibited. The works are mostly figurative, using different styles, from realism to illustration drawings, expressionism, naive, and so on. Some artists have also chosen to convey their vision of the parties through abstract creations.
Many of the paintings pre-sented have been specially made for this exhibition, in which almost 50 artists of various nationalities are taking part, with a wide range of ages, from young people under 20 to over 70 years.
The artists taking part are Elena Lecuona, Nazaret Hernández, Celestino Mesa, Jorge Pérez, Miguel González, Laura Padrón, Francisco Padrón, José E. López Navarro, Laura Domínguez, Gara Acosta, Eduardo Yanes, Alyona Peredkova, Volha Belevts, Aida Cecilia Hernández, Xose Almazán, Roberto Martin, Dácil Duerto, Juan Carlos Sánchez, Ángela de la Garma, Ariam Lázaro Pérez, Carlos Ortega, Eduardo Hogdson, Aida Díaz Jaén, Tomas Gil, Juan Francisco Pérez, Luis Zarate, Conrado Díaz Ruiz, Toba, Julio Padrón, Alfonso Araquistain, Felipe Torres, Tatiana Ivanova, Jaime Graham, Velina Ivanova, Eugenio Díaz, Ivonne More, Portero, Dámaso Carrillo, Carlines Man, Jaime García Cabello, Yumar, Teresa R.Solis, Hugo Pitti, Alejandro Miranda Sureda, Florentina Pérez, Raúl Ortega, Catalina Moldovanu, Gracia Almazán, Merche Aparicio and Julio César Osorio.
The exhibition, which can be visited until March 15th, is curated by Joaquín Castro San Luis.
Directions etc on https://www.webtenerife.com/tenerife/arte-y-cultura/artes-plasticas/exposicion/centro-arte-recova.htm