|Sunday, April 5, 2020
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Police fine man for “renting his dogs out for confinement walks” 

Police in Spain have arrested a man who rented out his dogs so people could skip the coronavirus State of Emergency restrictions in Spain!
The owner posted pictures on the internet offering his pets, including a labrador, for two euros an hour “to contribute to your health and well-being.”

The Civil Guard warned the man, who lives in the A Coruña area of Galicia, that he was breaching the laws on animal protection but he continued to make his offer on a website and on the social networks.
“This man was offering a rental service for his dogs on social networks,” said a spokesman. “He was trying to encourage potential clients to skip the limitation on the freedom of movement of people, established by the State of Emergency. He lacked any type of registration of authorisation and was told to stop but he then published two similar advertisements and was arrested for breaching animal welfare regulations.”
The investigation was carried out by nature protection officers with the Civil Guard.
Spain’s State of Emergency rules, in force until at least April 11th, allow people to be on the streets if they are going to or from work, visiting the bank, chemist or supermarket or looking after an elderly relative in need. Dog owners are allowed to take their pets out but these rules have already been flouted, including by a man who took his pet goat out and another who dressed up in a dinosaur costume!