|Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Police find shocking scenes at illegal cockfight 

Police in Spain raided an illegal cockfight and found birds in blood-splattered cages, many of them badly injured, dead or dying.

The bodies of four roosters were found stuffed in cardboard boxes and numerous doping substances were seized, designed to enhance the performance of the birds.
The cockfight in Cadiz was being attended by about 200 people who were waging considerable amounts of money on the clandestine. They came from all parts of An-dalusia and even from the Balearic Islands of Mallorca and Ibiza.
The organisers face pro-secution for animal abuse.
The operation began when agents from the El Puerto de Santa María police station (Cádiz) learned of a championship that was going to take place over one weekend when bets would be placed.
Police launched a raid of the premises and caught 197 people cheering the fights on. Among them was a man who was offering various medica-tions for veterinary use without prescriptions. The products included lotions for skin conditions, multivitamin com-plexes, invigorating injections to reinforce recovery and fatigue retardants for animals, all of them without any control.
“The enclosure had a circular ring and seats for 57 spectators, the attendees tripling the authorised capacity. The place had a table with a timer for fighting, a Roman scale for weighing the fighting roosters and various documentation concerning data on the participating animals,” said a police spokesman. “The llifeless bodies of four roosters were located, in addition to eight with wounds and injuries that were treated in situ by veterinarians.”
The inspection ended with the arrest of a 33-year-old man as the alleged per-petrator of a crime of coun-terfeiting currency, since among his belongings, a large amount of money was located, specifically 2,950 euros, of which two banknotes proved to be false , one of them with a face value of 500 euros.
In addition, 34 infringements have been reported for contravening public safety regulations for drug use or possession in a public esta-blishment, carrying prohibited weapons and disobedience. The owner of the establishment was also sanctioned for tolerating the use of narcotic substances inside the premises.