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Pinolere Trail 2020 to back multiple sclerosis campaign group 

The Pinolere Trail and Pichón Trail Project have teamed up to support the fight, help and education against multiple sclerosis.

The La Orotava trail race will contribute to making visible the actions of this renowned social association.
Each edition of the mountain race organised by the Orotava-Clator Athletics Club is committed to supporting a particular group or cause. In the next edition, the challenge will be to support people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The Pichón Trail Project is an association that has managed to unite the fight against the effects of this disease and sport.
The Pinolere Trail 2020 will carry out several actions, such as making its cause visible on social networks and web, displaying its logo on the commemorative shirt and an economic donation to the entity.
The Pichón Trail Project was created by José Marino Álvarez, now its president.
“One of my best friends came up with a project to run through the mountains and have a social purpose. At the beginning we did not think that more than five components would be part of this initiative, but now there are dozens of athletes, as well as co-llaborators and partners, ” says José.
The group has been working since 2014 to make visible and help people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Visibility is through sport but it mainly works in the development of training, information and support projects for diagnosed patients.
Pichón Trail Project runners participate in numerous sports events every year, including the Pinolere Trail. They always wear the T-shirts with the message of Pichón Trail Project and display the banner with their motto: “We run through multiple sclerosis.” Its objective is to make the disease visible and raise awareness. To achieve this from the base, they also organise talks in schools and institutes, and offer direct help to MS patients such as physiotherapy sessions, pool visits, wheelchairs, beds and other necessities.
Pinolere Trail’s support for Pichón Trail Project is not new. Already in the last edition the president of the association participated with his story in the Life Capsules that took place at the Intersport facilities of La Orotava. This cycle of talks served, among other things, to understand the effects caused by MS.
The main test of the seventh edition of Pinolere Trail, the 42-kilometre marathon, will have a renewed route and a profile of greater difficulty. The organisation has been working on the ground for months to offer an itinerary that ascends to Montaña Limón through little-known trails, guaranteeing parti-cipants a positive elevation of 3,570 metres.
This change in the routine on April 26th is intended to improve the quality of this test, making it more attractive and competitive.