|Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Couple rescued in mountains after running away from coronavirus 

Police in Spain were called in to rescue a couple who set up a den in snow-covered mountains to escape the coronavirus crisis!

The 43-year-old man, of Peruvian nationality, and a Russian woman, aged 32, were found under a shelter made of branches, without adequate clothing or footwear.
They had spent two nights in freezing conditions and told police they had “to escape from everything that was happening due to the coronavirus.”
The man realised they had made a mistake in ignoring Spain’s State of Emergency “curfew” when his partner became dizzy and was unable to walk. He phoned police on his mobile and a full-scale rescue mission was launched.
The couple got lost in the Sierra de Guadarrama mountain range in Cotos but were found after a 48-hour search by the Civil Guard and forest rangers.
“They said they had been in the forest since Saturday, where they had gone to escape from everything that was happening due to the coronavirus,” said a police spokesman.
Both the man and woman were found to be suffering from hypothermia. Police gave them dry clothes and put them on a train back to Madrid.
It is not clear whether they will face fines for breaching the limit on travel rules ordered by the Spanish Government but fines have been imposed elsewhere, including on a woman who refused to stop sunbathing on grass near the seafront in Palma, Mallorca.
The State of Emergency restricts all local residents and tourists in Spain from going out unless it is to go to the supermarket, chemist or bank, to go to and from work, to visit elderly relatives, walk the dog or go to the airport to return home. The order was made on March 14th for 15 days but is expected to be extended.