|Monday, September 28, 2020
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Coronavirus cases: Island will overcome this crisis as well 

It’s been a very tough fortnight for Tenerife after the coronavirus scare at the H10 Costa Adeje Palace once again catapulted the island into the international spotlight for all the undesired reasons.

But Tenerife is used to battling a crisis, whether it be the previous economic slump, the possible effects of Brexit, competition from resurging markets or the Icelandic volcanic dust cloud, and it is confident of doing the same this time.
Island leaders, tourism chiefs and health officials have had to balance the need to follow the strict coronavirus protocols with the “message of calm” to all current and potential holidaymakers.
“Tenerife is a safe place to come to, with first-class health facilities which can deal with such a crisis,” they say.
At the time of going to press, many of the people who had been confined to the hotel near La Caleta were being allowed to leave on a phased basis. These includ-ed guests who had checked in after the Italian doctor first diagnosed with coronavirus arrived and others who had been in the hotel beforehand but had no contact or were tested negative for the virus at least 24 hours before their depature. They will continue to be monitored in their home countries. The hotel had 723 guests with 25 nationalities.
The Italian doctor is in hospital in the north, as is his wife and three other Italian travel companions who all tested positive. However, they are in good health with very few symptoms. There has been a sixth case, this time on La Gomera, involving a woman who returned to the Canaries after being in Italy. She too is well, even though in isolation.
Tenerife Cabildo has launched a major information campaign at the airports to inform people about corona-virus but also featuring messages from holiday-makers who say they enjoyed great holidays here with no ill effects and no concerns.
People have also been urged to only read official bulletins and to take no notice of scaremongering on the social networks. However, many are still pointing out that they do not know if they have to worry or not and whether coronavirus is as big a threat as being made out.
During the week, figures for the ordinary flu virus in the Canaries were released, showing there have been 24 death from influenza during this flu season so far up until February 23rd.
Workers at the hotel, including reinforcements, are said to be “very tired” but have been praised for their response to the crisis. Staff have also praised guests, although many have complained about the lack of information.
There are reports that one Spanish man who has been feeding updates to the press via phonecalls and videos was reprimanded and warned by the police.
The Canary Islands’ govern-ment, meantime, is stressing that “The Canary Islands can say, without a doubt, that it is a safe community for both visitors and for residents”.