|Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Canary president calls for more more restrictions, fortitude and mental strength 

The president of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres has called on residents of the archipelago to show mental strength and fortitude during the coronavirus crisis which has led the Spanish Government to extend the State of Emergency until April 11th.

Following a videoconference meeting called by President Pedro Sánchez with all the regional presidents, Sr. Torres highlighted “the unique reality of the archipelago” in this health crisis and has demanded that all the necessary health material be urgently made available so that all health professionals and patients are optimally protected.
“The priority must be to safeguard the health of health personnel and patients treated,” said the President of the Canary Islands.
Sr. Torres also pointed out that, although the Canary Islands are among the communities with the least positive cases, “we cannot be trusted with this because, as more tests are carried out, this data can increase significantly”. For this reason, the President of the Canary Islands demanded the arrival “by plane” of more kits to carry out tests on a massive scale.
The president added in his presentation to the media that all the necessary measures will be taken at all times and that 600 health professionals have already been hired to reinforce the existing staff. In addition, he said that the Canary Islands has 409 ICU beds or equivalent, of which 152 are occupied; of these 32 with patients with Covid-19.
Ángel Víctor Torres explained that, given the request he had made to the Government of Spain to advance deliveries on account of the autonomous financing of 2020 and the surplus of the communities could be used, Sr. Sánchez told him that the Canary Islands would receive between 600 and 800 millions of euros for the control of Covid-19 and thus face the economic effects that this pandemic causes. To this amount is added the contribution of 23.4 million already made by the Government of the Canary Islands, among other public expenses charged to Canary Islands Health.
Sr. Torres said the airports should be more restrictive.” Regarding the number of tourists that remain on the Islands, Sr. Torres confirmed that a little more than 20,000 tourists still remain to leave the islands, both nationals and foreigners, so he demanded that measures be taken and planes be chartered to repatriate tourists who still have no flights. Right now, with restricted transportation and closed hotels, “we must have zero tourism.”
Sr. Torres insisted on the need to protect health personnel, essential for the care of the entire population, and recognised the work carried out by all groups with essential basic tasks. He also sent a message of thanks to the population “for their patience and for complying with staying home; a measure that continues to be essential for the common good, as requested by the Government of Spain, “he added.
As the Canary Island president warned, “there are still very hard weeks and we must maintain physical and mental strength to get out of this exceptional and dramatic situation. It must be clear that there is hope at the end of the tunnel, ” he stressed.