|Sunday, March 7, 2021
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The right time for Rex 

Day in, day out we see so many abandoned dogs around the island who either end up living on the streets or ending up in the one of the shelters after being found by someone who happened to be in the right place at the right time.

For this young boy, someone was there, and they brought him to K9. We named him Rex and when he was brought to K9 back in May last year he was still a young puppy, aged around 5-6 months old. He was found along with another dog, a young female who he seemed closed to. They were both found in Los Abrigos with leads on but to this day no owner has come forward. The female, who we named Bo was adopted a few months back but Rex still remains at the shelter. He is about a year old now and he has grown up into a handsome young boy. He currently shares with another male dog and they get on fine. Some of volunteers bring him to the local dog park sometimes where he meets other dogs also and he is ok with them so it seems he is ok with other dogs. He does have a lot of energy but is a very sweet boy and once he gets to know you, he gains more confidence.
When he first arrived back in May, he was extremely nervous of all the new people who were at K9 and all the new surroundings so he was a bit stressed at the start, barking etc. He didn’t want anyone to touch him or pet him, but he wasn’t aggressive, he just backed away, so we let him come to us in his own time, for him to gain our trust. When Bo, his female companion got adopted, he did seem a little bit lost for a while, wondering where his friend had disappeared to, but he did have Sprite to keep him company. That being said, he deserves a second chance at a loving forever home. He is a very healthy young dog but does need a bit of time to get to know you, a he is still a bit nervous of new people. If you can give him a chance and have patience with him, he will become a loving best friend and great companion for someone. If you cannot adopt him, please share his story to your friends and family and let us get Rex a new home. He is a young boy who need a happy life, and we don’t want him spending his life at K9. Please help us.