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The Musicals arrive in Puerto de la Cruz 

Puerto de la Cruz has kicked off its 2020 Carnival which revoles around the colourful theme of “The Musicals”.

The Plaza Concejil brought together more than 1,000 people in an evening which featured the participation of singers Míriam Reyes and Néstor Galván, two prodigious island voices linked to the world of musicals and opera respectively. The event, which was presented by Pedro Rodríguez, featured a performance by the comic group Abubukaka as a prelude to the programme which lasts until Sunday, March 1st.
Candidates for the adult queen were also officially announced, as well as the aspirants to the children’s throne.
Puerto council is calling on everyone to take part, with “nobody staying at home”.
“Our carnival deserves recognition, that honours the surname of international, earned by our tourist character, and that of the creative,” said Alberto Castilla, head of fiestas.
The esplanade of the fishing pier will be the epicentreof Carnival 2020 which will have three differentiated spaces but still close together to make it as safe and attractive as possible. The main Carnival day is on the 29th.
All the information of the Carnival of Puerto de la Cruz 2020 can be consulted on http://www.puertodelacruz.es/sitecontent/uploads/2020/02/PROGRAMA-DEL-CARNAVAL-INTERNACIONAL-DE-PUERTO-DE-LA-CRUZ-2020.pdf