|Friday, February 26, 2021
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Success for second obstacle challenge in El Médano 

El Médano hosted the second edition of the Mencey OCR obstacle course and declared it another resounding success.

The test had the par-ticipation of around 600 runners, having as a starting point and arrival the football field. The event posted a high physical requirement, in addition to a great personal challenge for each of the participants. It consisted of three different categories: the so-called ‘elite’ and that of eight and five kilometres.
The elite winner was Azman Mesad; the second place went to José Damas, and Manuel Luján completed the podium. As for the women, the winner was Ulrikke Evensen. In the distance of 8kms, the victory went to José Delgado, followed by Eimo Martín, and completing the pdium, Jesus Évora.
In the women’s category, the winner was Débora Sigut, followed by Silvia Sanz, and third, Esmeralda Ramírez. In 5kms, Cristian Rodríguez won, followed by José Sández, and in third position Yeray Mejías. In females, Candy Rodríguez won, and in second and third position, Irati Cuñado and Ana María Velázquez, respectively. The partici-pants had to overcome different obstacles placed along the route such as walls, wheels, logs, creek areas, stones and climbing towers, among other things.
The test, which took place in the area of the beach of El Médano, Montaña Roja and Montaña Bocinegro, was organised by the Club La Mencey and Granadilla de Abona council, through the Department of Sports.
The first deputy Mayor and councillor for sports Marcos González and the councillors of finance and general services, José Luis Vera and Marcos Rodríguez, respec-tively, attended on behalf of the council.
The organizers point out that the next appointment of the Mencey OCR will be on May 17th in Adeje. They would like to thank all the runners, amateurs and public for their environmental respect during the course of the test, taking into account that it is developed in the surrounds of the Special Natural Reserve of Montaña Roja.