|Sunday, April 5, 2020
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Puerto de la Cruz reinvents itself with “unique experiences” 

Puerto de la Cruz is reinventing itself. The main municipality of the north of Tenerife revealed details of its tourism strategy for this 2020 with the aim of capturing the interest of the national and European market.

A clear commitment was made to quality and to present a unique experience for visitors.
The municipality, a pioneer in the implementation and development of the current tourism model, aspires to continue on the frontline in terms of competitiveness but without abandoning its idiosyncrasy.
The Mayor, Marco González said: “The brand ‘Destination Puerto de la Cruz, part of you’ continues to accompany us but we wanted to fill it with content. Therefore, our motto will be ‘We share principles’, marking what distinguishes us, the differen-tiating elements of this won-derful city.”
He made reference to unique events such as the Summer Carnival and the principles of sustainability and environmental awareness that permeate other specific actions developed in the city.
Leisure in its different formats is one of the main axes of the tourist commitment of Puerto de la Cruz. The town, as explained by Roberto Medina, councillor for tourism promotion, “offers all kinds of festivals held in the city throughout the year, such as the Phe festival, Rock Rock Festival or the novelty of this year, the Soul Lake Festival. “ In addition, the town hall has given greater prominence to the International Carnival of Puerto de la Cruz. Faithful during the winter to its most known and characteristic event such as the Mascarita Ponte Tacón, Sr. Medina explained that “the commit-ment to the Summer Carnival is a differentiating element for the visitor and also promotes values such as equality and diversity, with the election of the Carnival King. An event that, marked by the good temperature of those months, makes this event a major tourist attraction. ”
Another of the fundamental pillars of the tourism strategy is sustainability which the municipality is already following with various projects.
Regarding accessibility, Puerto de la Cruz has already received the Cycling Friendly certificate, by offering the traveller, both alone and in family, more than 30 routes that run through its streets and neighbourhoods, in addition to the numerous accommoda-tion options provided by its renovated hotel plant, in which up to six establishments have the approval of this certification.