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Possibly the most common reason for a car breakdown 

Probably the most common reason for a car breakdown or its failure to start is because of a battery. In the UK we normally associate this with cold damp weather but the reverse is opposite here. Extreme heat and the dryness mean that a battery can “give up” without any notice and is quite surprisingly to some people, very common. Many people will happily go on their journey here to say a shopping centre visiting or sightseeing and on returning to their vehicle 15 mins, an hour or several hours later the car will not start. The panic sets in and people cannot understand this, as there has generally been no indication of the battery deteriorating.

If you have a Grua cover with your Insurance, which the majority of covers do these days, you may call a Grua who will come out and often can start the vehicle with assistance of jump leads or a battery booster .This is then enough to get you to your garage of choice to purchase and fit a new one or to the nearest petrol station, who often sell batteries, although they will be more expensive in these circumstances needs must as they say.

You should then immediately go to your garage or mechanic and ask them to test the battery for you. This involves a simple test which they can perform to see what voltage the battery is showing.
If the reading is not correct then a new battery is normally necessary and the appro-priate voltage and sized one should be fitted .If you are unsure and have gone to a petrol filling station( you will often pay far more there than at your local garage) then in general the staff will help you to select the correct one, although it is always better to go to the garage or mechanic that you know and trust.

It is a good idea is to carry a set of jump leads, these can be bought from large car accessories stores, Al Campo or Carrefour and in the larger Hiperdinos and Hipertrebol. Sometimes garages also have them for sale. If you are carrying a set of jump leads, you can often find a helpful motorist who will assist you in giving a jump start.

Of course, a battery is by no means the only reason a car does not start but it is by far the most common. With many of the more modern cars they have battery light indicators which warn you when the battery is low.