|Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Keeping your address up to date 

Most people will be completely unaware that if they do not keep the authorities up to date, and this includes Tráfico they will be unlikely to receive any fine (multa/notificación) notifications whether it is from the social office, hacienda or Tráfico for example for a speeding or parking fine either caught by a speed camera (of which many are unaware they are there) or a fine for parking where it is prohibited i.e. outside a Vado sign, or in a Carga/Descarga area not during the permitted hours. Often the first someone knows of things such as this is when an embargo is put on their bank account and at this stage it is often hard to challenge the fine.

To avoid this and in essence we are here talking about any potential traffic and car related fines, it is imperative that you inform Tráfico of any changes of address. During this period of exchanging licences due to Brexit it has become more noticeable to us, that most people have a Residencia with an address that is more often than not out of date, perhaps they have moved three or four times since the address on the Residencia! The Tráfico system works in a somewhat peculiar way in so much as the address that they hold on record for your driver’s licence is the one that supersedes any for a car registered to you, perhaps sometime after.

So, when you move you should make a list of all people to be notified of your new address and this should include Seguridad Social, Hacienda and Tráfico. Some departments allow this to be done online with a digital certificate, but obtaining that can sometimes be fraught with problems too!!
So, in this period of somewhat uncertainty regarding Brexit, please take a moment to think and check…. when was the last time I updated my address…….. answer to that one for most people is probably NEVER.

It is a little more difficult to check as the cars permiso de circulacion and your Spanish Drivers licence do not display the address used at the time of obtaining them, this is largely due to Data protection Laws.
Motorworld can help if you need to update your address on your driver’s licence or car documents.