|Sunday, April 5, 2020
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Illegal TV gang had 10,000 clients across Spain 

Another clampdown on illegal TV streaming has led police to crack an organisation which provided audiovisual and television content to at least 10,000 clients in Spain.

During the operation, 15 people were arrested – Córdoba (5), Málaga (3), Sevilla (3), Murcia (1), La Coruña (1), Barcelona (1) and Jaén (1) .
Police said the gang had an infrastructure capable of serving some 500,000 users. Seven raids were made in which 9,900 euros in cash was seized, together with 22,000 euros in PayPal accounts and sports betting platforms, computer equipment and various docu-mentation.
The first inquiries took place at the beginning of 2019, thanks to complaints from the Mediapro and LaLiga Group. They detected a person who sold equipment which would allow illegal television signals to be received using the method called IPTV. Once the investigations were advanced, the researchers were able to corroborate the criminal activity that an organised group of people were carrying out.
“The efforts made allowed to identify and detain 15 members who were part of the intermediate levels of the pyramid that makes up the illegal distribution of audiovisual and television content in Spain,” said a police spokesman. “The 15 arrested were dedicated to the resale of the services of the first level at a reduced cost to later market them among their customers. At the time the seven searches were carried out, the detainees had about 10,000 active users and had an infrastructure capable of serving some 50,000 users.”
The operation remains open pending further arrests.