|Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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If you have an accident 

We hope you never need to complete an accident report form, but should it be required, here are the steps to follow. Try to keep calm, never admit blame and collect as much information as possible.

STEP 1. Using the accident report form, take down the name, address and mobile phone number of all the drivers involved in the accident along with their car make, model, registration, colour and insurance details.

STEP 2. Request names, addresses and mobile phone numbers of any witnesses to the accident, and add them to the report form.

STEP 3. Collect evidence noting the direction that the cars were travelling, the car’s condition and how many passengers. Write down the sequence of events by sketching out what happened. Take photos and video footage of the scene.

STEP 4. It’s important that all parties involved sign the completed accident report form.

Then contact your insurance provider as soon as possible, even of you don’t plan to make a claim. If you would like some further advice on this matter, please call our English speaking customer service on 902 325 325.