|Sunday, April 5, 2020
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Five major targets as Balearics reveal new onslaught against drunken tourism 

Island leaders in Mallorca and Ibiza say plans to launch a new campaign against drunken holidaymakers with the first European crackdown on “alcohol abuse in tourist areas” have been well received.

The new rules will cover the three main target areas of Magaluf, Arenal and the West End party hotspot of San Antonio.
The Balearic Government confirmed: “The Governing Council has passed a decree law to combat excesses in certain tourist areas, with the aim of forcing a real change in the tourist model of these destinations, encouraging civility, adopting measures to protect the destination and avoiding problems caused by excessive alcohol consump-tion in certain places in the Balearic Islands. This is the first rule adopted throughout Europe that restricts the promotion and sale of alcohol in certain tourist areas.”
“Efforts to promote the destination, to provide it with better quality – through both public and private investments and position it in an in-creasingly competitive and global market have recently been affected by certain incivious behaviours, most of which are directly related to alcohol abuse, in certain tourist areas of Mallorca and Ibiza.”
“With this rule, defended and requested by institutions, social, business and em-ployers’ agencies, the Govern-ment provides the tools needed to combat this situation and reverse it, with the aim of encouraging tourism activity and improving its competitiveness. and to put an end to circumstances that cause discomfort and affect the image of the destination.”
The decree will include five main axes of action with the aim of preventing the degradation of certain tourist areas of the Balearic Islands.

From now on, advertising aimed at encouraging alcohol consumption at tourist esta-blishments, as well as free bars, happy hours or the like, will be banned. It is also forbidden to display alcoholic beverages, self-dispensers, and furthermore, establish-ments selling alcohol will have to be closed from 9.30pm to 8am.

Practices that are dan-gerous for the life or physical integrity of people throughout the Balearic Islands are prohibited.
Persons who, despite the rule, carry out these practices, will be immediately expelled from the establishment, con-sidering it a serious offence, both for those who practice them and for those who allow them.

Alcohol excursions
Also known as pub-crawling. It is forbidden to advertise, organise and sell alcoholic routes in the areas affected by the decree.

Party boats
It is prohibited to advertise these in the areas affected by this decree. Boats will not be able to pick up or return customers to these areas. In addition, the suspension of new licenses is suspended and a period of 24 months to regulate the activity is opened.

Sanctioning system
Finally, this rule establishes a sanctioning regime that places special emphasis on grave and very serious offences. In the first case, serious practices are con-sidered dangerous for the life, integrity or health of customers (for the tourist who practices them); the lack of express information to clients about these dangerous practices (for the establishment); non-expulsion of clients who carry out these dangerous practices (for the establishment); offering rooms per hour and adver-tising of alcoholic beverages or having alcohol on display in establishments, among other things.

Serious offences are pu-nishable by fines of €6,001 to €60,000

Very serious offences include the sale of alcoholic beverages outside of permitt-ed hours; offer alcoholic beverages under open bar, happy hours or 2×1 and 3×1 modes; maintaining alcohol dispensers; the sale of drinks to minors and pregnant women; advertising or pub-crawling or committing two serious wrongs in six months, among other circumstances.
Very serious offences are punishable by fines of €60,001 to €600,000, and may addi-tionally entail closing the establishment for a maximum period of three years, de-pending on the circum-stances that arise.

Any other offenve included in the decree will be considered minor, with fines of between €1,000 and €6,000.