|Sunday, April 5, 2020
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Dangerous marijuana gang used cars stolen from the UK 

Police in Spain have busted an international criminal organisation which flooded Europe, including the UK, with genetically modified marijuana, using cars stolen from Britain, such as Manchester, as part of their smuggling plan.

The gang has been des-cribed as “dangerous” and had planned to set up a chain of Breaking Bad-style labs to manufacture the hashish oil. Police said several members of the organisation had long records and had spent time in prison in Poland, some being former military officers of the Polish army and others having been banned from entering football stadiums in that country.
In the operation, 13 people have been arrested and another two have been investigated. Eleven house searches have been carried out involving 3000 marijuana plants, eleven high-end vehicles (five stolen in the United Kingdom), numerous electronic equipment (beacons and detectors GPS, frequency inhibitors, etc.) and three guns with silencers.
The organisation, based in the province of Alicante, smuggled the drug by road to countries in Europe (United Kingdom, Holland, France and Poland). The hashish was hidden inbetween other goods, such as fruit, beverages and food products. Orders were taken over the internet,
The stolen cars were used to perform “roll-overs”, assaults on rival drugs organisations in a bid to steal their hauls.
It was also discovered that the organisation was renting luxury homes in Spain and that these homes were used to house indoor marijuana crops. One of the labs was found in Alicante and another in an industrial warehouse in Elche.
Police said they found equipment, including hun-dreds of electrical trans-formers, valued at more than 100,000 euros, ready for the future assembly of another 20 indoor plantations. The existing labs were heavily guarded by members of the organisation with real guns.