|Sunday, April 5, 2020
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Alert over fireworks as 500,000 devices seized 

Police have issued a general alert about the use of fireworks after seizing more than 500,000 pyrotechnic devices during the Christmas period.

Nearly 1,000 inspections were carried out throughout the national territory and more than 200 infractions were detected. The pyrotechnics included bombs, impact thunders, rockets and fire-crackers.
The main objective of these actions is to control the unauthorised sale of this type of products and to avoid accidents that could be caused by improper use. The Civil Guard carries out these inspections throughout the year but they intensify on certain dates, such as Christmas, which are more prone to the use of these artifacts.
A police spokesman war-nes: “It is recommended to always purchase pyrotechnics at authorised points of sale, from suppliers of proven guarantee and always in accordance with current legislation to avoid any danger. These authorised premises have facilities equipped with the ideal storage conditions, something that cannot be guaranteed by street vendors.”
The current regulation of pyrotechnic articles includes, among others, the following categories and ages of their use:
F1, or pyrotechnics articles of very low danger and insignificant noise level, intended to be used in delimited areas, for use over 12 years.
F2, or pyrotechnics articles of low danger and low noise, intended to be used in delimited areas, for use by people over 16 years.
F3, or medium-dangerous pyrotechnics items intended for use outdoors in large areas and whose noise level is not harmful to human health, for use by persons over 18 years.
Recommendations to enjoy safely
Acquire pyrotechnic devices only at authorised points of sale.
Firecracker handling by minors must always be supervised by an adult.
Firecrackers should be handled in open places away from people and animals.
Do not store pyrotechnic items in clothes or pockets.
Do not manipulate its components, nor extract its contents.