|Friday, February 26, 2021
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Pinky would like a good start of the year 

Going back to the start of last year, 2019 and we were only two days into the new year, when this black beauty arrived. She had been found by a young girl wandering around Granadilla, who kept her for a couple of nights to see if she could find the owner but she was not successful. She brought her to K9 that morning and we named her Pinky. She is a medium-large mixed breed and we think she is about 2-3 years old.

When she first arrived, she was very scared, agitated and confused which is under-standable, and we all did our very best to make her feel secure and safe. Around the same time she was brought to K9, a male dog was left tied up outside the shelter, who those of you who come and walk the dogs will know, Kaiser. Kaiser was very chilled in the kennels, so we decided to match the two of them up and they worked well together. Kaiser seemed to calm her down a little bit. Pinky can be very tense and anxious in the kennels and can bark at other dogs, particularly males but once is outside, she is a very sweet, playful girl who loves human attention and just wants a second chance at a loving forever home. She does have a lot of energy so would need to be brought out for a daily walk.
There are moments when we catch her playing with Kaiser in the kennels and it was very funny to watch, but it shows when she is relaxed, just how fun and sweet she can be.
She really enjoys being taken for walks, and our amazing volunteers often take her and Kaiser to the beach for a break away from the kennels. She is a little bit afraid of the water so we are trying to build up her confidence with this so we are hoping her new owners would be willing to continue to do so. She is heartworm positive but this can be easily managed with medication. Can you help us find her a new loving forever home? We do not know how she ended up wandering around Granadilla but she didn’t deserve to be left alone. Please help us and let’s get Pinky out of the kennels and let her feel all the love in the world. You can visit any day between 9.30-1.30pm.